Do you need a PA-system for a gig or perhaps for the speakers at a party? Sound Mind offers PA- and microphone rental service at a reasonable price. Our equipment suits very well for mid-sized club gigs or for instance weddings.

We also rent out drum kits, guitar amplifiers and more.

Note! Extra rental days only 25% of the regular price!


Call 0400 165 970, and make a reservation!


In the Helsinki area, we can deliver the PA-equipment directly to the customer.

For this service, we charge 50 euros each way. Installation/disassembly starting from 50 euros (custom sets).



Crate PA-set
85 euros/24h

We mainly recommend this set for speeches and background music.

The set includes:
• Crate CMX42P 2 x 50W powermixer, (4 x mic, 2 x stereo line in)
• 2 Crate S10-speakers
• Alesis Picoverb effect box

• Stands and cables



Crate PA jan 10

Yamaha PA-set
140 euros/24h


Suitable for smaller gigs, for example weddings.


The set includes:
• Yamaha EMX312SC 8-channel powermixer with fx
• 2 Yamaha AX10-speakers

• Stands and cables



Yamaha PA jan 10

JBL PA-set
190 euros/24h


A very light but classy set. For parties and smaller gigs where good sound quality is of an essence.


This PA set includes:
• Mackie PRO FX8 v2

8-channel mixer with FX
• 2 JBL EON 610 active loudspeakers. 2 x 500W

• Stands and cables




Electro-Voice PA-set
290 euros/24h

This set is more powerful and can also be used for slightly bigger gigs.

The set includes:
• Dynacord 16-channel powermixer
• 2 Electro-Voice S200-speakers
• 2 Electro-Voice bass-speakers

• Stands and cables



EV PA jan 10


15 euros/24h


The AKG D880 is ideal for vocals. The set includes stand and cable.


In addition we have several drum- and instrument microphones for rental. (Neumann, Röde, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure). Call for more info!



AKG mick jan 10

Microphone (wireless)
35 euro/24h


The Audio-Technica System 10 is an easy to use wireless vocal microphone of high quality.


Included in the package:
• Microphone
• Receiver

• Stand and cables



Audio-Technica System10

Active floor monitor

(The Box MA 120 MK II)

35 euros/24h


Sturdy efficient monitor with steel corners. 120 W of power, 12/2" speakers, 3 band EQ, connections XLR and speakon. Cables are included.



Monitor jan 10




More music equipment

Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage drum set
+ Sabian XS20 cymbals

140 euros/24h

High quality drum set for gigs or recording. All stands, bass pedal and drum chair included. Choise of colour: wood (picture) and dark blue.



Yamaha drums jan 10

Hughes&Kettner BassKick 100 bass amplifier
40 euros/24h

100 watts bass amp with a 15" Eminence® speaker.
HF Horn, gain, 3 band EQ  master volume, line out and FX send and return.



Hughes & Kettner jan 10

Vox Valvetronix guitar amplifier
40 euros/24h

50W amplifier, 12AX7-tube, 12" speaker and Power Level Control.

3 channels. The modelling Valvetronix-amp mimics many classic amps and FX-types. The patented Valve Reactor technology uses a real 12AX7-tube which explains the amp´s natural sound.



Vox jan 10

Roland Cube guitar amplifier
40 euros/24h

60 watts of power and a 12” speaker gives you a powerful but compact guitar combo which is easy to take on the road.
A vast array of modelled amps, popular effects, diverse connections and reliability are some of the benefits of this amp. A little big favourite amongst musicians!



Cube jan 10
Roland Juno D (special edition) synthesizer
70 euros/24h

Lightweight good sounding synth which thanks to its categorised sound banks (piano, organ, orchestra...) enables fast and convenient changing of sounds during gigs.
Fantastic new sound library including a realistic multisampled grand piano, massive rock organ, ´80s vintage synths, brass, electric pianos and much more. 706 amazing patches in total, a powerful arpeggiator, 47 multi effects, 8 delays, 8 choruses and a D Beam controller.
Juno D jan 10






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